Janda Smoky Onion Relish 215g

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Introducing our irresistible Smoky Onion Relish – a flavour-packed delight crafted in the UK. Slow-cooked in open pans, this relish offers a perfect balance of caramel notes, subtle smokiness, and fennel seed. Designed for barbecue lovers, keen cooks, foodies, and vegans, our relish adds a tantalizing twist to burgers, sandwiches, cheese pairings, and even serves as a cheat's onion gravy. Elevate your culinary creations with the bold and smoky goodness of our Smoky Onion Relish.


Benefits of our Smoky Onion Relish:

- Made in the UK: Crafted locally, ensuring exceptional quality and supporting British producers.

- Slow cooked in open pans: Our relish is carefully simmered, allowing the flavours to develop and intensify for a rich and satisfying taste.

- Caramel notes and smoky flavour: Enjoy the perfect balance of sweet caramel undertones paired with a hint of smokiness and the subtle warmth of fennel seed.

- Versatile application: Elevate your burgers, sandwiches, cheese platters, and create a cheat's onion gravy for a burst of flavour.

- Vegan-friendly: Our relish is suitable for vegans, allowing everyone to savour its deliciousness.


Our Smoky Onion Relish is designed for barbecue lovers, keen cooks, foodies, and vegans seeking to enhance their culinary creations. Add it to your burgers for a burst of smoky flavour, layer it in sandwiches to elevate the taste, pair it with your favourite cheeses for a delightful combination, or use it as a cheat's onion gravy to add depth to your dishes.


Unleash the bold and smoky flavours of our irresistible Smoky Onion Relish. Handcrafted in the UK, slow-cooked in open pans, and perfect for barbecue lovers, keen cooks, foodies, and vegans, it adds an exciting twist to your favourite dishes. Order now and let our relish become your go-to condiment, bringing a burst of flavour to your culinary adventures. Elevate your burgers, sandwiches, cheese platters, and enjoy the convenience of a cheat's onion gravy. Experience the irresistible taste and embrace the culinary possibilities our Smoky Onion Relish offers.

Ingredients: Sugar, red onion (25.8%), white onion (25.8%), white wine vinegar, kibbled onions (3.9%), balsamic vinegar, salt, smoked water (0.17%), fennel seed, black pepper

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Janda Smoky Onion Relish 215g

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