Vegan Valentine’s Day Guide – Gifts and At Home Date Ideas

A Look into The Perfect Vegan Gifts for Valentine’s Day

Let’s set the scene: Valentine’s day is just around the corner and you need to figure out what to gift your loved one for the big day, fast!

Perhaps your partner is a long-term vegan who’s always looking for the next big thing in plant-based delicacies and homeware, or maybe they are a brand-new vegan who’s just embraced the Veganuary challenge and on the lookout for delicious plant-based options to make the transition easier. Whatever place veganism occupies in your home, Valentine’s day is the perfect occasion to show your loved one that you support their choices and lifestyle goals – a whole lot can be accomplished with a well thought-out vegan gift!

Now, there’s no point in denying it: this year’s Valentine’s day is going to feel quite different from what we’re used to. We won’t be able to set up the perfect date at the most popular vegan restaurant in town, we won’t be able to book a pamper at our local cruelty-free spa or hop on a plane for a romantic, spontaneous getaway trip.

But that doesn’t mean that you can’t make this Valentine’s day the best one yet!

In this article, we’ll take some of the guesswork from your V-day planning by giving you some advice and vegan gift ideas for a romantic stay-in date to remember.

Vegan Valentine's day gift ideas
  1. Say it with (vegan) chocolate!

You can’t go wrong with a classic, and data shows that a box of chocolate is still one of the preferred options worldwide for a surprise Valentine’s day gift.

Of course, with all mainstream milk-laden chocolates off the table, it can be hard to know where to look for vegan chocolate that tastes just as delicious, if not more delicious than the “real thing”. If your partner is not a fan of 80% dark chocolate (then again, who is really?) your one-stop should be VeYou, the ultimate retailer for the finest vegan chocolate to be found in Europe!

From melt-in-your-mouth Italian chocolate pralines to premium dusted truffles and scrumptious cream-filled wafer bars, you don’t have to look any further than VeYou to create a vegan chocolate gift box guaranteed to impress.

  1.  Sweeten the deal

Right after flowers and chocolate, sweets are some of the most common Valentine’s day gifts around the world. With sneaky animal products like gelatine hidden in most mainstream sweets, finding the perfect vegan sweets can be nothing short of a tall order, especially if you’re looking for a classic pick & mix to enjoy in front of a movie.

Sweet Retreat and Sweet & Kind come to the rescue with an indulgent selection of pick & mix classics, made 100% vegan and coming in a sustainable plastic-free packaging designed to make their operations as carbon neutral as can be. The taste of their cola bottles, bubble-gum bottles, fizzy strawberries, and sweet cherries is just like you remember from childhood – but it’s the thought of not harming animals and the planet in the process that makes them even sweeter!

  1. Whip up a restaurant-worthy vegan feast

You’ll want to accompany your vegan chocolate and sweets with a homecooked plant-based feast that could go head-to-head with the fanciest vegan restaurants around! Of course, you can opt for a cosy takeaway instead, but if you really want to make the night special for you and your partner, nothing says “I care” more than a delicious homemade meal.

Don’t worry, you won’t have to do it all alone either!

If you’re looking for something really special, Sunshine Vegan Deli has everything you need for an Insta-worthy dinner guaranteed to have your partner come back for seconds. You can choose between a range of homemade deli-style vegan roasts to incorporate into a delicious, easy roast dinner with crispy potatoes, pick between different varieties of deli vegan cheeses for a scrumptious side meal, or go all out with a selection of vegan scotch eggs, fishless fish and chips, and vegan meat pies!

  1. Save room for dessert!

Finally, make sure you save plenty of room for dessert to indulge in a slice or two (or three!) of delicious plant-based cake made fresh for the occasion, or treat yourself and your partner to a gift box packed with decadent vegan baked goods.

Rachel’s Cake Delights offers a selection of classic homemade treats to end the night on an indulgent note, including rich brownies, rocky roads, and scrumptious cookies (they can be made gluten free too!). If you’re looking for cakes that will bring the celebration to the next level, Ripe and Nine’s raw cakes will make for beautiful and unique showstoppers to make this Valentine’s day one to remember – with the classic dinner date off the table, they may be all you need to make the night feel truly one of a kind!

Vegan Valentine’s day, your way

Remember that you don’t need to have a partner to enjoy a day where love and companionship are being celebrated all around the world – the love you have for your friends, family, and most of all for yourself, is just as important to celebrate!

You can treat yourself and anyone you love to a vegan gift and dinner night to honour the day romance-free, and your one-stop shop to find other vegan gift ideas and treats is just a click away – happy shopping plant-based lovers!

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