Sunshine Vegan Deli: In Conversation with Sarah

Get to know more about the Sheffield’s family business that’s redefining what a plant-based diet looks like for Britons, one vegan deli meat at the time.

A strong sense of community and the strive for constant innovation have always been at the heart of what makes the vegan movement so special and exciting.

Of course, there are many explanations as to how a fringe movement like veganism has managed to become a mainstream sensation. Still, if we look closely at how independent vegan businesses operate, we can’t help but attribute a large part of the movement’s success to the way vegan companies support each other, listen to what their communities truly want, and always push the accessibility of a vegan diet further with constant collaboration, innovation, and belief-based enthusiasm.

During our conversation with Sarah, owner of the small family eatery Sunshine Vegan Deli, one thing became clear from the very start: the business was born out of a genuine passion for feeding the community and providing tastier, more creative vegan options able to impress even the staunchest of meat eaters. It’s this genuine passion that has informed every choice that the Sheffield-based eatery has made along the way, perfectly exemplifying what makes family-owned, independent vegan businesses so special and unique.

Sunshine Vegan Deli has been offering extensive vegan options in their menu since 2014, before becoming fully vegan in 2017 as a result of a family-wide change of heart. Since then, their dreams of expansion have been relentless.

From serving plant-based kebab meat at the local football club (changing a whole lot of meat-eating Dad’s views of vegan food in the process!) to taking their operations online during the pandemic and expanding their range to include even more truly tasty vegan meat and dairy substitutes, Sunshine Vegan Deli is showing how outstanding customer care and constant product innovation can bring local small businesses into new heights.

Their mission is simple, yet incredibly effective: to offer uncompromisingly homemade, authentic vegan options that replicate national favourites like meat pies, pork scratchings, and chippy-style beer-battered fish without any of the cruelty. It doesn’t come as a surprise that their products are changing people’s mindset on veganism and vegan diets in the process – an achievement that, according to Sarah, is what they are most proud of to this day. Throughout the years, customer satisfaction has always been at the heart of every new product development, with customer feedback driving every new product launch, every new kitchen experiment and recipe tweaking, so that the deli could offer vegan options that would really go head-to-head with the beloved British classics they are replicating. The constant interaction has made for a welcoming environment the community has grown to love, and the deli’s efforts have translated just as well online, with this past Christmas period being one of the busiest to memory.

Their newly launched deli meats and cheeses, first exclusive to their Christmas collection, have been so well-received they decided to keep them indefinitely, providing a flavour-packed artisan alternative to more mainstream vegan meats that takes the best of Sarah’s grandmother recipes and turns them into plant-based successes. Sarah and her family truly love what they do, and it shows in the quality and authenticity of their products.

So, what’s next for Sunshine Vegan Deli?

Now more focused than ever, they are aiming to push their best-selling porkless scratchings to a wider audience, continuing to update their recipes and coming out with new products every few months – we recommend watching this space to never miss an update!

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