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Why join crazy-bean.com?

We believe in building a brighter, healthier, cruelty free future by sharing and encouraging vegan product choices.

We aim to be the worlds number one vegan marketplace and promise to provide the best customer service for you and your customers. We focus on giving you the best quality support to help you build and grow your business. We provide a high quality and secure shopping experience for your customers and strive to provide them with the best possible customer services.

Plans for Sellers that grow with you


Zero Commission
  • Free Support
  • Centralised Marketing
  • Central Customer Services
  • 3 Product Listings
  • Basic Google Ads
  • 2.5% Transaction Fee
  • Free Forever
  • Featured Email Campaigns
  • 1-1 Shop Optimisation
  • Premium Social Media Marketing
  • Featured Products on Home Page


15% Commission
  • 1-1 Premium Support
  • Centralised Marketing
  • Central Customer Services
  • Unlimited Product Listings
  • Premium Google Ads
  • 2% Transaction Fee
  • Flexible - Downgrade Anytime
  • Featured Email Campaigns
  • 1-1 Shop Optimisation
  • Premium Social Media Marketing
  • Featured Products on Home Page

What our sellers say


Start selling to like-minded customers.

Put your products in front of shoppers who are eager to purchase ethically produced items. Get in touch with our team today to find about how you can join the marketplace. We'd love to have you!


You can sell for free on crazy-bean.com. There is also a premium shop upgrade option if you are wanting to list more products and recieve other great benefits like added investment into your Google shopping links, SEO support at product level and more. With the upgrade option we also feature your products in campaigns and you will be listed on the front page of the website. We funnel extra budget to your products and we also carry out an SEO review 1 on 1 with you so you can optimise your products on crazy-bean.com and make sure they are seen by more customers.

That is a great option. You can sell for free as long as you need to, there is no time limit! There is no set up fee and no commission charge. So all of the customer's money goes to you. There is a small fee that the payment provider takes per sale, approx 2.5%. But we here at crazy-bean.com take nothing at all. We provide this option as we are passionate about startups having a route to market and an easy way to sell online.

At the moment you will fulfil the orders yourself, meaning when an order comes through you will receive that order and send your product out to the customer. We will be launching fulfilment soon as an option.

As soon as a customer orders your products you will receive an email confirmation. This email will include all the information you need to fulfil the order. The email confirmation also confirms that the customers money has been successfully received so you are safe to carry out fulfillment. The payment comes across from us to you within a few days.

When the order is received that means that they customers money has been received and is with us at crazy-bean.com. We then forward the money onto you within a few working days.

When you set up your shop you can easily run everything from your very own dashboard. On your product listings you can set your products to out of stock. That way nobody will be able to buy something that you don’t have in stock. It is simply a one click setting. But we are also always here to help.

On your dashboard there is a ‘vacation’ checkbox. Simply tick that box and it will pop your whole shop on vacation mode. You can also set the message to be displayed on your shop so you can communicate to your customers the reason for your shop vacation. Again, we are here to help you manage your shop in the best way for you and your customers.

There are a number of ways to ensure that your products perform well in search. We can help you to optimise your shop so that when customers are searching for your kind of products on line, your products are more visible. If you upgrade to the business version of crazy-bean.com we will work with you one on one to make sure you are using good key words and key phrases, to make sure your descriptions are Google friendly and we can get your products high in search.
As part of premium we also invest more into your Google shopping feed, invest in marketing fo your products, feature you and your products in campaigns including emails out to our extensive and ever growing customer network. We have seen great results from this in the past and it is possible to make positive changes fast!

All customer queries come through to us via email. We will look after anything to do with the platform or purchasing. If there are product queries we will triage those and send those queries onto you. So really we will manage customers services with you. We respond to queries fast and believe that good customer service is key to a competitive platform. So your customers will get the very best.

Our only aim is to support vegan businesses to find more customers. Here are crazy-bean.com we truly care about your success and shape our whole strategy around how we can best help you to be successful. We also vow to always have a free option so that you can grow at the right speed for your business. We are vegan and want to work with you to continue to change the world through promoting better choices and making shopping vegan easy, fun and secure.

Yes, of course. You can list your products on crazy-bean.com and other marketplaces, also on your own website.

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Crazy Bean seller

Crazy Bean is focused on supporting the inspirational producers that live the vegan life. crazy-bean.com provides a platform for sellers of vegan-only products and services to reach more customers. All products must be vegan meaning they do not use any animal products in the product, packaging, or making of the products.

For suppliers of vegan-friendly products that are interested in working with crazy-bean.com, please follow the registration process as outlined here. Registrations will be reviewed by crazy-bean.com following a submission and suppliers will then be notified via email.

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