Eco Friendly Biodegradable Dish-Washing Sponge

by Auklett

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Cleaning sponge:

Generally they recommend throwing away a dish sponge between every 2 - 4 weeks for hygiene reasons, how many dish sponges is that over a year? Most of them are made of plastic and by using them and disposing of them microplastics and plastic is polluting the water.


Our Cellulose cleaning sponge is compostable and plastic-free made from plant cellulose and Sisal plant material they can be composted after use. These materials are renewable and sustainable meaning zero plastic waste alternative.

The sponge is cellulose which is wood pulp material and the scouring pad is sisal fibres (sisal is an agave plant and fibre is the leaves).


Cleaning sponge can be used for dishes and general cleaning all over the house.

They are durable and absorbent made from cellulose sponge and sisal scouring pad but non scratch leaving no scratches on pots and pans.

They can be cut in half to become smaller and can use natural cleaning products with them, clean once a week with vinegar and water 2 minutes in microwave to extend use.


The packaging is plastic free and compostable.


L - 11cm

W - 7cm

H - 2cm


– Free UK shipping
– Eco-friendly
– Reusable
– Designed with nature in mind and great gift idea
– Plastic Free Packaging

Eco Friendly Biodegradable Dish-Washing Sponge

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