Bamboo Cotton Buds – 250 Pieces

by Auklett

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The Auklett Cotton Buds

The eco-friendly cotton buds from Auklett are the perfect plastic-free alternative.

Why bamboo cotton buds?

Paper is prone to soaking up water and bending easily. Bamboo, on the other hand, is strong and won’t bend.

Multi-purpose and biodegradable

Use the bamboo cotton buds as you would use their plastic counterpart. Whether it is for cleaning purposes, arts & crafts, or your hygiene routine; they will perform their job without harming the environment.

What’s in the Box?

250 bamboo cotton buds


– Free UK shipping
– Eco-friendly
– Multi-purpose
– Biodegradable
– Designed with nature in mind and great gift idea
– Plastic Free Packaging

Bamboo Cotton Buds – 250 Pieces

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