Third Eye Chakra Wax Melts

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Wax melts scented with Rosemary, Peppermint and Cedarwood, to help balance the third eye chakra.


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Ships From: United Kingdom (UK)

Sold By : The Divine Hag SKU: 293174494 Categories: , Tags: , ,


The first notes from these wax melts are Rosemary – woody, balancing and relaxing and known to aid relaxation and calm the soul, helping ease out stress and worry. This is followed by the sharper tones of Peppermint to awaken and clear. Finally this is balanced with Cedarwood which is deeply relaxing and aids self acceptance.

This Chakra is located in the forehead between the eyebrows and governs imagination and intuition, as well as being associated with sleep, dreaming and psychic ability. When blocked it manifests as a lack of motivation, a feeling of sluggishness and an inability to focus on what is important to you. Indications of this Chakra being too active are excessively vivid dreams and daydreaming

Meditation is one way to help relax and realign this Chakra and our beautifully crafted wax melt has been specifically blended to aid this. Appropriate Chakra crystals have been embedded in each melt.

Ancient magick and healing released into your home with love.


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Inspired by the pure raw nature of the Scottish countryside, The Divine Hag organic aromatherapy products have healing properties and beautifully scent the home.

Our vegan friendly room sprays and diffuser oils ease transitions and aid focus. All products are hand blended in small batches and provide a healthy and natural alternative to conventional chemical laden room fragrances.

The three arms of our logo is a representation of the celtic triple goddess – the maiden, the mother and the crone. This feeds into every aspect of our business. We are a woman focussed company, creating scents for women at every stage of life.

The Divine Hag is for me the perfect representation of the rawness of nature and the elemental quality I wish my products to have. It represents age and wisdom and the many years of study and experience that have brought these products to launch.


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