Loganberry Extra Jam 340g


Loganberry Extra Jam is made from 100% natural, plant-based ingredients. This fruit is a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry and has a beautiful rich colour and flavour.

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Loganberries are a hybrid of raspberry and blackberry. They have been grown for a long time. The ones growing in our garden now came from plants growing in my great-grandmother’s garden and have been passed down through the family, along with the recipe for making loganberry jam!

Loganberry extra jam has a higher quantity of fruit in each 100g compared to most supermarket brands. We have to add at least 45% fruit to call this an extra jam. There are only two ingredients in our jam – loganberries and sugar. We don’t add any additives and only use 100% plant-based, natural ingredients.

This jam has a really rich, deep red colour and a beautiful intense flavour. If you like raspberry and blackberry flavours then you will love this. All of our preserves are hand stirred in small batches from whole fruit. This means that you will often find whole pieces of loganberry in the jam. Use this in cakes or simply eat it on toast – it is very versatile.

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Jam Packed Preserves Limited is a family run business owned by Sue and Kevin Woodward. We make an extensive range of artisan, award-winning extra jams, jellies, marmalades, chutneys and curds. We lovingly hand-stir our preserves in small batches in open pans.Our story began in 2006. We took on an allotment that had a large stand of autumn raspberries that produced a glut of fruit. We hate food waste, but couldn’t eat them all, so Sue telephoned her Mum and asked how to make jam. The rest is history!

All of our preserves are plant based and all, except one or two, are suitable for vegans. We are constantly working to be more sustainable in all aspects of our business. We have reduced food waste and single use plastic.

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