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Dog Grooming Soap with Lemongrass, Spearmint & Citronella Essential Oils 100g

Eco Friendly Dog Soap – the Pawfect alternative to commercial shampoo! 🐾🛁🐾
A very bubbly and deep cleaning soap, it lathers amazingly well and rinses out far more easily than shampoo leaving no residues. It’s also very economical, lasting for ages. Handmade in the UK by Laura at Happy Dog Happy Planet: Our mission is simply to make dogs and their owners happy with the least impact on the environment.

100% Eco-Friendly Packaging for a Happy Planet.


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Eco Friendly Dog Soap – the Pawfect alternative to commercial shampoo! 🐾🛁🐾
✅ naturally moisturising 100% Organic Coconut Oil containing Vitamin E (coconuts harvested by humans not monkeys)
✅ naturally antibacterial, anti-fungal & anti-inflammatory
✅ 100% pure dog friendly essential oils
✅ suitable for all skin types, great for minor skin complaints
✅ helps make coats glossy, good for greasy coats
✅ no harsh detergents, no SLS, no SLES, no Parabens, no Phthalates, no Phosphates, no Petrochemicals, no Sulphates or PEGs
✅ tested on humans, kind to our skin too
✅ biodegradable, plastic free, zero waste, vegan & cruelty free

🐾 Lemongrass, Spearmint, Peppermint & Citronella
✅ great for itchy skin and hot spots
✅ naturally flea and tick repellent
✅ gets rid of fox poo & other smells

Superb value at £5.50. Packed in a compostable bag & box with first class postage at cost at just £1.83.

Packaging: 100% ECO-FRIENDLY PACKAGING made from natural or recycled products which are biodegradable, sustainable, compostable at home and/or recyclable. The ink and adhesives used on our labels are free from an animal-based products such as pigment or gelatine. For a HAPPY PLANET.

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