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♡ 100% vegan Italian Locica and Giardini microfibers, also known as “vegan leather”.
Heel height of 1 cm.

♡ Comfortable ergonomic footbed classic design, perfect for wearing wherever you go.

♡ Sandals with buckle closure offer numerous advantages, including a custom fit, ease of use, increased durability, added security, and versatile style. This makes them adaptable to various types of clothing, ensuring they are a versatile addition to any wardrobe.
♡ these sandals provide excellent support and comfort while walking.
♡ For individuals with exceptionally narrow feet, we recommend reaching out to us prior to placing your order to determine if a custom-made option is available.
♡ Features an anatomical insole with a 2 cm height to provide support to your feet.

Bioworld vegan sandals have several benefits, including:
1.- They are an ethical and respectful option with animals.
2.- They are respectful with the environment.
3.- They are comfortable.
4.- They are durable.
5.- They are versatile, options for different styles and occasions.
6.- They are affordable: Compared to other sustainable and ethical sandal options on the market, Bioworld vegan sandals are an affordable and accessible option for a wide range of consumers.
7.- You have up to 100 days to return them if you need it.
So why wait? Try Bioworld vegan sandals today and experience the perfect combination of comfort, style, and eco-friendliness!

🐞🌼🌼 We recommend ordering your regular shoe size ✅✅✅ .
If you’re unsure about which size to choose between two options, we suggest selecting the smaller of the two sizes. Our footwear has a wide fit, ensuring a comfortable and roomy experience for your feet.

Not sure about your size?
*****Shoe Size Conversion Chart******

35 5 2,5
36 6 3,5
37 6,5 4,5
38 7,5 5
39 8,5 6
40 9,5 7,5
41 10,5 8,5
42 11,5 9,5
43 12 10

35 = up to 22,4
36 = up to 23,0
37 = up to 23,7
38 = up to 24,4
39 = up to 25,1
40 = up to 25,8
41 = up to 26,4
42 = up to 27,2
43 = up to 27,8
44 = up to 28,5
45 = up to 29,1
46 = up to 30,00

Additional information

Shoe Size (EU)

35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43


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Bioworld is a vegan footwear brand created by a family business specialized in footwear for over a hundred years.

A sports boot made in our workshop in the 1930s

In all this time the García Balmaseda family has manufactured various types of footwear. 25 years ago there was an important change, we thought that ecology was the most important factor to add to our daily work. We begin to manufacture ecological footwear. Five years later we thought it necessary to also make special footwear for vegan people. And in 2014 we made our final decision, from now on we would only manufacture vegan footwear. A happy, wise and ethical decision.
We are still a family workshop. Whoever writes this is the same person who makes the shoes. We do not order the manufacture of our footwear from other factories, we do it with our own hands.

Our workshop in 1948

Our workshop in 1959

boots made in 1961

We do not use chain work as a manufacturing method, but traditional and traditional elaboration, according to the knowledge acquired by four generations of shoemakers. The current owner of the workshop, Jesús García Cordero, has the artisan card No. 4500772, issued by the Ministry of Industry and Labor of Castilla La Mancha, official official institution in charge of protecting quality traditional artisan works.

Our shoemakers in 1965

In a trade show, Madrid 1968

1995, begining Bioworld ecologial footwear.





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