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Hey gang, If you wanna know a thing or two about us, then listen up! We at Lovegangstore make awesome vegan gear that doesn’t cost the earth. We’ve figured out that ethical & sustainable doesn’t have to be ugly, you can still be hot as and give a damn. If you also think that this planet is in massive need of a fix-up – then you’ve come to the right spot. It feels so good knowing that nothing was destroyed or wasted in the making of the outfits you’re rocking. BTW… everything at Lovegangstore not only looks badass but is also made ethically and stylishly from recycled or organic materials. So instead of laying in a land field or floating about in the ocean it’s now back in the game being worn by you, sexy things. One person’s trash is another person’s treasure. Peace out.
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I’m a voice for those unheard Tee – Recycled material

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