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Crazy bean seller FAQs

What are the fees, what will you charge me to list my products?

At the moment we charge you nothing to join the platform, we have a limited time offer to join the site for free. This is because we are building traffic throughout 2019 and we want you to have time to get used to the platform. You can use the 'vacation' mode to hide your shop at anytime and put things on pause, or you can shut down at anytime you like. There is no automatic renewal, no sign up durations and when a fee is introduced it will not be applied until we have agreed it with you. Also, we will endeavour to keep it below the industry average, we want to make this platform work for you.

Why join now, why not wait until there is more traffic to the platform?

Building a platform like and traffic relies on having amazing producers and great products so we need to build the shops first. Also the more shops the more benefits to you with better prices vendor services. More activity on the site means better search results and more success for you and your customers. More success means more investment into the site, more success for you so more vegan products on the market. All of this starts with vendors and shops, so we need you to invest in and sign up today free for 12 months to help get things on the way to global success and more vegan products for all, and of course a better world for it.

How do I sign up?

If you go to the 'start selling' page and scroll to the bottom you can fill out the application, once you are approved you will receive log in details to your shop. You can start setting up and adding your products and start selling today, it only takes about 30 minutes to get your shop set up and it is really easy to use. Contact us if you have any issues or need any support, we are here to help.

Will the website have more features over time?

The answer is yes. We have an exciting roadmap for the platform itself and as it grows and develops the vendor and customer experience will get better and better. We launched with the simple site so we could get started and also so we could get feedback from buyer and sellers about what they would like the site to do, so do let us know if you have any great ideas and we can add them into our plans. We are also looking into really exciting technology like machine learning so we can really make the experience special. So watch this space.........

How do I know if an order has come through?

It's easy, you will receive an email to your chosen address with all information needed for you to fill the order. If you are using the storage, picking, packing and delivery service the order will be filled automatically and you will not need to lift a finger, you will be notified that the order has been received and you will be able to monitor it being filled and completed. The simple fast performing vendor dashboard also makes it easy to monitor activity, manage stock and keep an eye on sales. It's easy and simple to use.

Can I continue to run my own website to sell my products?

Yes of course, we want to compliment what you are doing and hope we can be an addition to the way you find and meet your customers. 

Our Mission

My aim is to make the world’s number 1 vegan online shopping marketplace. I want to build an easy, safe and exciting vegan shopping experience with great customer care.

I aim to help the inspiring and independent, vegan producers to build their amazing and unique vegan businesses through the platform but also through our services including storage, picking, packing, delivery, marketing, strategy and more.

Together we are building a better, brighter, healthier and cruelty-free future for everyone.

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